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Stephen R Hartfield CPA June 21, 2020 0

Stephen R. Hartfield, CPA

Professional Bio

Whenever I am a member of a company’s management team – either in finance or operations – I always think back to a book that I read in early 2000 when I started my first private industry job. The book was called Finance for Executives – Managing for Value Creation.

The focus of the book, as the subtitle suggests, is that our jobs as executives and managers is to build value and wealth for the shareholders of the company. And that is exactly how I perform my job, but I take it one step further by emphasizing that increasing shareholder value doesn’t have to be created at the expense of our employees, our strategic partners or the environment.

I am a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of California since December 1982. My strong desire to learn new things and improve my skills has compelled me to expand beyond the traditional role of a CPA – accounting, financial statements and taxation – to work closely with a company’s owner or managers in various finance and operations capacities.

My personal interests are as varied as my work experience: I like to read about investing, science fiction and history; I am an avid exerciser; and enjoy the Southern California sun with family and friends.