Hartfield & Company CPAs, PC is managed by Stephen Hartfield, CPA. Stephen has been practicing (not quite the same thing as perfecting) public accounting for a bit over 40 years.

Included within the 40 years, he also spent 10 years in a few companies as a CFO or VP of Finance. One company was in the metals distribution business, another was with a residential real estate training company and one other with a plastic bag manufacturer.

The key driver has always been to learn new things and skills that can help his clients.

The firm has a number of specialties as follows:

  1. Part-time CFO services – we assist a company’s management with oversight of the accounting function, implementing policies and procedures to improve efficiencies and limit to possibility of fraud, consulting and implementing the right ERP system for the business in its particular industry and special projects that need to be completed on a timely basis. We will also work with your existing CPA firm to facilitate financial statement reviews and audit.
  2. Technology consulting – assist clients in choosing or implementing the right accounting software for their business, document storage, leveraging technology to improve process flows.
  3. Cloud-based accounting – there are a number of excellent cloud-based accounting software products on the market now that make onboarding a breeze. If you have been using QuickBooks Desktop, these apps can import your data and allow you to move forward very quickly.
  4. Accounting policies and procedures – improve efficiencies and limit the possibility of fraud.
  5. Accounting training – this is often an overlooked part of the accounting process. New hires may come to the job with bad habits or, worse, no habits. We can help get your A/P and A/R functioning properly so that they port over to your financials with accurate results.
  6. Accounting messes – yes, you are not alone, and that’s why its one of our specialties.
  7. Inventory – accounting for inventory can be a challenge.

Stephen and his staff are capable of